TAG Heuer Carrera Series Replica Watches Evaluation

The Carrera series is an essential series of TAG Heuer, including a lot of classic models. The Carrera series was born in 1963. This name is taken from the American racing track. Because it is a racing watch, it uses chronograph as its primary function, which is what we often say chronograph. This replica TAG Heuer Carrera watch is 45 mm in diameter and 17.3 mm thick. This watch is a large-diameter watch. If your wrist size is less than 16.5cm, you should carefully consider it. It will be a bit unsuitable for you.

This TAG Heuer replica watch has launched a total of four models, one of which is an all-steel version, the case is processed in full steel color, and the side of the case is not black plated. The other three are red rubber wristbands with red hands, black rubber wristbands with blue hands, and blue rubber wristbands with blue hands. The side of the case, the headband of the strap, and the edge of the bottom cover have been black DLC plated. Note here that the genuine product is also black plated and non-ceramic.

The bezel of this TAG Heuer replica watch uses ceramics, and the tachymeter speed scale is made on the ceramic ring. When electronic technology was not very advanced long ago, the tachymeter was a very advanced speed measurement tool. Here we have to elaborate detail, the color of the speed lettering is the same as the genuine one, and the color is darker. The depth and thickness of the lettering are the same as the authentic ones.

The replica TAG Heuer Carrera watch is made of sapphire crystal and back cover. The mirror is slightly curved and coated with a blue anti-glare film. The edges are very smooth. There is a small detail in the calendar part. When the calendar window is displayed, the background color is white, so that today’s date can be recognized at a glance with such a complicated structure. On the left side of the calendar is the TAG Heuer logo nameplate. The surface is mirror-polished, and the details are in place.

The details of the three small dials are still exquisite, the CD pattern is very delicate, and the edge of each small dial is also polished. The second’s dial at 9 o’clock is black plated, the surface of the red chronograph hands and the 30-minute 12-hour chronograph hands are red, and the color treatment is full and round. The edges of the watch’s hands are sanded, the head and tail of the watch are sandblasted, the middle is filled with luminous light, and there are three-dimensional grooves.

The movement of this replica TAG Heuer watch is an upgraded version of Heuer’s main chronograph movement, CAL.1887, for many years. The automatic rotor is processed into a hollow. The structure and sex of the movement are no different from those of the movement. The most iconic feature of this movement is that it is equipped with a red column wheel. The design of the column wheel minimizes the friction between the components and dramatically reduces the failure rate. Because of this design, this TAG Heuer replica watch also dramatically improves the cost performance.

This TAG Heuer replica watch is divided into two versions: a steel strap and rubber strap. One-way folding clasp with Heuer classic logo on the locking position. The rubber watch comes in three colors, all of which are designed with ventilation holes, and the black electroplated folding buckle is still very convenient and comfortable to use. The workmanship of the rubber strap is very detailed. The texture is very soft and comfortable to wear.