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TAG Heuer has been hailed as the Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaker since its inception.It  belongs to the world’s largest luxury group –LVMH, the top five of the global Luxury watch brand. As a centennial enterprise in the Swiss watchmaking industry, TAG Heuer insists on creating accurate timing tools and exquisite watches .Owning a Tag Heuer Replika can also improve their temperament

Tag Heuer Replika
Tag Heuer Replika

It now has 2 self-production movements and 4 watchmaking workshops, and has implemented miniature blades instead of gossamer, belts instead of gears, timing accuracy up to 5/10000 seconds, a double flywheel timer, Magnetic drive instead of gossamer and many other achievements. Year, theTAG Heuer by virtue of the CARRERA Mikrogirder Watch that can be accurate to 5/10000 seconds, won the highest honor of Geneva High Watch -” golden Pointer ” awards, to the precise tabulation to another peak.

Tag Heuer Replika from the movement, material, to the parts decoration has a brand of their own professional process. TAG Heuer movement in the automatic chain movement, electronic mechanical movement and transmission belt drive Movement is the core of the brand technology. It’s excellent in many TAG Heuer watches. 1887 Year by Edward ·Accor’s patented swing Gear works with the guide wheel, working in the same way as a car transmission. The guide Wheel is responsible for coordinating the start, stop and zeroing of the timing pointer, and functions like a gearbox. A swinging gear is like a clutch.

TAG Heuer ‘s material is selective , and the functional aspects coincide with the spirit of the brand’s movement. TAG Heuer watch bracelet with a special process made of steel used in the case, has a very high strength and excellent magnetic resistance, its low carbon content, so the water and sweat acidic substances have strong corrosion resistance.

the watch’s rubber strap not only has satin-like unique finishes at the same time, but also through special processing, especially anti-ultraviolet treatment, with more excellent wear resistance than leather, its waterproof performance and flexible practical elasticity, with the case of the perfect fit, showing a F1 the texture of a racing tyre.

It is worth mentioning that TAG Heuer Adding a thin layer of ceramic to the quality of the refined steel, unlike traditional chemical or electrochemical methods.The PVDthe surface is produced in the vacuum condition of the metal true gas condensation.Tthe main component is titanium carbide.It  can achieve the strengthening of the hardness of the face, prevent scratches and increase the corrosion resistance of the wrist watch formation effect.

1963 years, Edward · son of Tag Heuer, Jack. · Howe began to build a chronograph designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts. A lifelong fan of motor racing, he knows the needs of his customers: a wide view, an easy-reading dial, and a rugged, waterproof case for driving.

The following year he launched a manual winding mechanical chronograph, named Carrera (Carrera) . TAG Heuer Carrera Carrera series is definitely Jack ·  Hao ya cohesion of life painstaking work of the proud, elegant and simple dial design to Carrera series of success, and accompanied by the continuous expansion of the sports car also fame crane, become handed down the classics, but also for TAG Heuer ( Teghaja ) opened the Golden Age.

Tag Heuer Replika also holds a cautious attitude towards surface finishes. Tag Heuer Fake Watches are unique, because the external pedestrians can not see the smallest details also hold to a high degree of concern. The surface finishes the process by turning the original, blunt metal into a dazzling, stunning time meter. In the TAG Heuer, ensure that every surface finishes are methodically controlled, as even the smallest modifications may affect the function of the watch. We stick to the precision, so that you can go out at home at the same time eye-catching.

Tag Heuer Replika
Tag Heuer Replika

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