2018 Tag Heuer Fake Watch, the new Generation “Autavia” come back

In the recent auction market, we can clearly see that some of the valuation of Tag Heuer, the transaction price is rising (at that time Tag Heuer has not been renamed as Teghaja). It is surprising that even the valuation of the Howe chronograph has reached the level of Rolex Paul Newman. So what I want to do today is to show you how these values are going up. The rise in the value of collectibles will lead to a rise in the reputation and worth of watches, and the creation of these watches has come into being. These watches, such as Monaco and Carrera, are the hottest models in the market for Teghaja. In the auction market, the hot Accor chronograph (the period’s Tag Heuer has not added TAG prefix) is not what we can now see in the market model, but has long been not again launched the modern version of the HaYa autavia Chronograph .We are one website providing  Tag Heuer Fake Watch information and its quote. Our website Sale The classical  Tag Heuer Fake Watch with following the brand newest. Now Fake Tag Heuer Watches for Sale, just seize the opportunity to choose  one Tag  Heuer Fake Watch .

Tag Heuer Fake Watch
Tag Heuer Fake Watch

Tag Heuer Autavia ” use the first representative plate, the second generation of pointers ” version, the value of HK $ Million to HK $ Million to million Yuan. Tag Heuer Autavia ” second generation “, valued HK $ Million to HK $ RMB to Million Yuan, the final deal with HK $ Million, about RMB million . Tag Heuer Autavia ” third generation “, valued HK $ Million to HK $ Million to million Yuan, the final5 thousand million transactions, about RMB million. These price figures, for those familiar with the market of watch level two, you can at a glance, these prices in the auction, the level two market can buy what watches, you are very clear. Autavia ” use the first representative plate, the second generation of pointers ” version of the price range, you can buy Rolex Daytona Paul Newman;Autavia ” second-generation ” ,” third generation ” of the price range, can buy a word head of the Royal Oak 5402. Either Paul Newman or a -word Royal Oak is the hottest watch in the auction market. From the usual point of view, Teghaja’s watch is not the same as theirs.

Next I will show you howAutavia is a watch and why it is so valuable.Tag Heuer Autavia(There was no TAGat the time) was not a well-known watch at home, but it was very hot abroad. Autavia is one of the most important watches in Teghaja’s watch, which is more than Monaco and Carrera in terms of value and status alone. Whether it is Monaco or Carrera the current trading market does not have a table that can exceed Autavia . Autavia The source of this watch: When Tag Heuer wanted to enter the U.S. market, Tag Heuer’s operator was · Jack. Tag Heuer Jack · Tag Heuer loved racing, so he made a watch for the racer, which was Autavia(1962 year, earlier than Carrera and Monaco). The word Autavia is a combination of automobile and aviation(Car and air), meaning a chronograph for racing and flight design. The story is like this, the watch can fire, the story is on one hand, the important or the watch is good, lot better. The biggest feature of Autavia is the two large chronograph, which we can see clearly that the TAG Heuer Autavia Chronograph is larger than any other chronograph, which makes it unique and highly recognizable. This is also one of the important reasons to ignite this fire. Another important reason is thatAutavia has been worn by many celebrities, including Steve mcquee,Jochen Rindt(because Jochen Rindt Wear the second generation of Autavia, the second generation of Autavia commonly known as Rindt). I remember Autavia 9generations (if wrong, please correct), the first 3 generations of high value, the following generations of value less than before. So I would like to show you the first three generations of Autavia, while players can refer to the article at the beginning of each generation of auction market prices.

The first generation of Autavia is the most valuable watch of Tegghau. The value of RMB million has reached the level of Rolex Paul Newman. In the watch industry, the two-tier market price can reach this number of steel shell chronograph not several. The first generation of Autavia by foreign countries called “Big Subs” means ” large chronograph.” Because the first generation Autavia ‘s chronograph is very big, at that time the goal is to enlarge the chronograph, so that Dai people can see very clearly. The first generation of Autavia has two versions, one is three chronograph and one is two. At the same time, another important feature of the first generation of Autavia is that the hands painted with luminous materials (the pointers are wrapped in luminous materials).

At present, the highest value ofAutavia is ” using the first representative disk, second generation pointer ” version, the second generation of Pointer edge no luminous layer, and the first generation of differentiation. The second generation of Autavia is not a low value, but it is not a level compared to the first generation. A number of changes have taken place in the second generation Autavia . The biggest change is that the size of bigsubsis reduced to a normal size (which also reduces the recognition and characteristics of the watch, thus affecting value). The pointer is no longer wrapped entirely in luminous material, but becomes a normal luminous toffee. The plate is marked from the first generation of all luminous materials into a combination of metal strips plus luminous dots. In every way, the second generation of”Autavia” from the first generation of maverick become more conventional. The changes of the third generation Autavia are concentrated in the bezel, the pointer and the prominent peculiarity. TheAutavia of the third generation is narrower, the pointer is replaced by a stick pointer, and the time scale is luminous with metal strips from the second generation of dots, and becomes the luminous material directly at the end of the metal bar.

Fake Tag Heuer Watch
Tag Heuer Fake Watch

From the above, I can see that the prices of the second generation and the third generation are almost the same as those in the renminbi. From the point of view of the two-tier market steel shell chronograph, this price is less than the first generation of million, but it is already very high. Most players can’t go to buy antique watches, but it doesn’t matter, Teghaja this year Autavia. so how to select Tag Heuer Fake Watch, how about its quality price and details problems. Don ‘ t worry about these, we’ll provide best Fake Tag Heuer. We are confidence our quality of Fake Tag Heuer Watches and hope you have  a good look for our products.