Replicas Tag Heuer series watch, open a brand new chapter

Inheriting the past and opening up, pioneering and innovative. The new Replicas Tag Heuer collection draws inspiration from the original delegates while using innovative watchmaking techniques to attract a new generation of adventurers. Glory presents the new collection and introduces it as a stand-alone collection. This collection combines the many outstanding features of the original watch. In design, it uses the advanced Isograph carbon composite material spring technology to make each timepiece stand out. It continues the inheritance and continues to write the brand legend.

Bridges that continue to open

As one of the brand’s main models, Fake Tag Heuer is now being released as a separate product line, which is a natural one. This series has also joined the strong product lineup that together creates a brand. Replicas Tag Heuer originally represented the instrument panel timer, which used in racing cars and aircraft between 1933 and 1957.

And the then CEO decided to label the name with a chronograph that the brand introduced in 1962. This innovative watch captures the rugged, extremely fast energy of the rally and is clearly readable and recognizable under all conditions. Replicas Tag Heuer is very popular among racing enthusiasts and the fierce around the world. And it was a great success with an excellent reputation.

Interpret the world of Replicas Tag Heuer in a modern style

Inspired by the cabin, this stylish watch has striking and unique elements that are rooted in the long history of the collection. Fans’ love of the original – functional, classic and many functional combinations – is also presented in seven new models on display at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. A black, blue ceramic or stainless steel bi-directional rotating bezel with a 60-minute extent highlights the movement of the watch.

The XL-size crown draws inspiration from pilot watches and timers. It uses super-large crowns, even with matching gloves. The original Replicas Tag Heuer watch was also known for its legibility under any conditions. The hour markers and the hour, minute and second hands have fluorescent paint. It allows them to read the time even on a dark adventure. The smoky dial is available in black, grey or blue and the date window is at 6 o’clock.

The straps or bracelets of each model in Tag Heuer Imitation are interchangeable and can be used in a variety of outdoor adventures. Leather cowhide straps are available in dark brown. A watch with a stainless steel bracelet with a NATO strap. The wearer does not need any tools at home, giving it a unique personality, through interchangeable circlet and straps, thus creating a new interpretation of this new collection.
The NATO strap, leather strap, and stainless steel bracelet are sold separately. So the wearer can create a unique combination of personal accessories to showcase their unique style.

Long heritage and advanced technology

The original Replicas Tag Heuer watch is popular for its advanced technology, and the new watch is no exception.  The combination of the movement and the Isograph carbon composite hairspring gives each watch in the collection its unique appeal. As the heart of the mechanical watch, the hairspring is the hardest part to manufacture. Because it is vital to the overall function of the watch. Behind the invention of this new hairspring, the design is a team of mathematicians, physicists, and scientists.

The carbon composite material spring not only inspires the traditional watchmaking world. But also enhances the performance of the watch using this patented technology. The main advantage of its carbon composite hairspring is that the hairspring is light, almost immune to gravity and impact, and is magnetically resistant. Thanks to the geometry of the hairspring,  it helps to promote concentric oscillations and improves the accuracy of the watch.  The steel and titanium backs engrave the propeller and tire pattern, ingeniously echoing the long tradition of the series.