Founder Of Tag Heuer Watch Company-Edouard Heuer

1. Introduction to Edouard Heuer
  • Jack · Heuer, the full name Jack William Edouard Heuer. In 1932, Jack William Edouard Heuer was born in Bern, Switzerland, and is the fourth generation of Edouard Heuer. He graduated from the Swiss Technical Institute in Zurich with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He founded Heuer Watches in 1860.
  • During school, he proactively signed up for sports and loved skiing. He was a member of the Swiss University Ski Team. His obsession with fitness sports gave him the path of father and grandfather in his professional development. They developed and designed a sports-specific chronometer in the early stage of the establishment of the company.
2. Edouard Heuer’s experience
  • In 1958, Mr. Heuer joined the family business as a young engineer. One year later, he established Heuer Time Company, Heuer’s first sales subsidiary in the United States, which is now renamed LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Watch and Jewelry USA. In 1962, Mr. Heuer became the majority shareholder of Edouard Heuer. Two years later, the company acquired the largest competitor Leonidas Watch Company, after which the company was renamed Heuer-Leonidas SA.

3. Edouard Heuer’s Achievements
  • As the president of Heuer-Leonidas SA, Edouard Heuer actively promoted the development of the world’s first automatic chronograph. Finally, this product was launched on March 3, 1969. In the same year, Mr. Heuer’s company became one of the first non-automotive industry sponsors on the F1 circuit. This move expanded the worldwide promotion of Heuer watches. In 1971, he began a close and successful technical cooperation with the Ferrari team in the F1 field. This cooperation lasted for nine years and established Heuer Watch’s position in the field of high-tech racing.
  • Mr. Heuer foresaw that the revolution of solid-state electronic information technology would completely change the watchmaking industry in the world and become a pioneer in the electronic timekeeping industry. He has cooperated with the release of several world’s first electronic clocks. In 1982, Mr. Heuer left the company due to major structural changes in the Swiss watchmaking industry. At that time, Heuer-Leonidas SA was acquired by Piaget. In 1985, Piaget re-sold Heuer to the avant-garde technology company and renamed it, Heuer.

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